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Webinar Guidelines

Thank you for agreeing to present a webinar as part of the Frances Clark Center Teacher Education Webinar Series. We greatly appreciate your contribution and willingness to share your expertise. Prior to the webinar, please review the following guidelines. If you have any questions, contact webinars@francesclarkcenter.org. Please review our Webinar Guidelines before submitting the agreement form.

Webinar Preparation
  • Upon email confirmation of your webinar, please immediately complete Steps 1 and 2 (information/agreement and rehearsal) of our Webinar Portal. If you are presenting as a group, the group leader should collect information and rehearsal availability then submit one of each form on behalf of the group.
  • Your pre-webinar rehearsal affords the chance to meet your webinar tech, explore the platform, and rehearse the visual and/or video components of your presentation.
  • Presenters should coordinate with the tech prior to the webinar to decide if they will answer questions from the chat, or if questions will be transmitted in some other way (via text message, email, etc.).
  • Questions may also have been submitted prior to the webinar and should be kept ready and available when needed.
  • Please email webinars@francesclarkcenter.org any PDF presentation slides, downloadable video files in .mp4 format (such as via Google Drive), and PDF handouts by 5:00pm ET the Monday prior to your webinar. These need to be optimized and loaded into the platform prior to the event start.
  • A link to the webinar platform will be sent via automatic email 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled rehearsal or webinar green room time.
Pre-Webinar Engagement
  • We would love to promote you and your upcoming event. See Step 3 of our Webinar Portal for details and submission form. Feel free to choose as many promotional opportunities as suit your preference and schedule.
  • The deadline for all 2023-2024 webinar promotional materials is October 1, 2023. Thank you for your early submissions!
Webinar Broadcast
  • The webinar broadcast will be viewed by a large audience who are viewing you on their personal screens.
  • A link to the webinar platform will be sent 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled webinar green room time. Attendees will receive their links upon enrollment, as well as in a reminder 6 hours prior to the webinar start time.
  • Your camera and audio should remain off until you begin the webinar.
  • Please introduce yourself, welcome attendees and give the title of the webinar.
  • Thank attendees on behalf of the Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy.
  • Give an overview of the webinar content and flow.
  • When moving between live presentation, slides, screenshare, and videos, presenters should inform attendees of what will occur and allow enough time for possible delays in transmission. Presenters should also ask attendees to be patient if they are experiencing delays or direct them to ask questions in the chat and the webinar tech will assist them.
  • During the webinar, look directly at the webcam light rather than the screen; otherwise, attendees will observe you as looking down or away from them during the webinar.
  • If any technology issues occur on the webinar platform, the presentation should continue as prepared. The presenter will not be notified and the recorded presentation will continue for archival purposes.
  • If any technology issues occur for the presenter, the webinar may be suspended.
  • If the webinar cannot be continued, it will be rescheduled for a future, mutually agreeable date.
  • At the end of the webinar, the presenter should thank all attendees, reference the Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy, and announce that the webinar will be archived and available for viewing by subscribers at PianoInspires.com.
  • Please encourage participants to complete the survey.
Webinar Considerations
  • Remember that the camera will see everything.
  • Choose and adjust your environment, clothing, and lighting as appropriate. Solid colors are easier to view than highly patterned clothing.
  • Lighting needs to be adjusted so that the attendees can see you clearly. Be sure your space is well lit. Test backlighting and/or lighting behind the computer webcam to reduce glare or shadows. Avoid backlighting/silhouette effects by not positioning yourself between a light source and the camera.
  • Be sure the webinar space is clean and organized, particularly items that may be behind your image.
  • Speak at a normal rate and enunciate clearly. When changing subjects or moving from slides to videos etc., please allow a short amount of time for delays in transmission for attendees.
  • Be aware of background noises. Silence all phones and email alerts to avoid interruption.
Personal Information
  • Please protect your personal information during the webinar. Only share information that you wish the full audience to access.
  • Please acquire permissions and protect any personal information about students who may be participating in the webinar either live or video examples. 
Promotional codes or materials
  • Since the purpose of Frances Clark Center webinars is to discuss relevant topics in piano teaching, learning, and performing, please refrain from sharing discount codes and promotional sales materials in slides, handouts, or other materials.
  • However, you are welcome to include your contact information, so attendees can reach you directly for such information.
Question and Answer Sessions
  • Presenters should coordinate with the tech prior to the webinar to decide if they will answer questions from the chat or if questions will be transmitted in some other way (via text message, email, etc.). Questions may have been submitted prior to the webinar.
Webinar Conclusion
  • At the conclusion of the webinar, the presenter should thank attendees.
  • The webinar tech will display a screenshot of the Frances Clark Center logo, at which time presenters should turn off their cameras and microphones.
  • Presenters are welcome to remain online for a few minutes to respond to attendee thanks in the chat. Otherwise, close the browser window to exit the webinar.
  • It is the responsibility of the webinar presenter to obtain parental permission to present any students either live or via video.
  • All permissions to use copyrighted materials must be cleared by the presenter and references must be cited. Click here to review our Plagiarism Policy.
  • Teacher Education Webinars are solely pedagogically focused. Please share relevant information about resources; however, please avoid direct marketing or promotion of specific products.

Teacher Education Webinar Guidelines updated February 28, 2024.

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