Presenter Portal

Step 4: Supporting Materials – Optional

Supporting Materials Submission Timeline

Email materials to webinars@francesclarkcenter.org by 5:00pm ET the Monday before your webinar (two days beforehand for a Wednesday webinar). These will be loaded into the webinar player prior to the start of the session. See below for details.


Slides are a great way to organize your presentation and engage the audience. Slides must be submitted in advance, and in PDF format. Animations and embedded video examples are not able to be accommodated within slides. Both presenters and the webinar tech are able to easily control slides within the webinar player.


  • Keep text limited
  • Choose a large font size, as some attendees may be viewing from smaller screens
  • Choose a simple design that does not have too many colors, fonts, or decorations

Video and audio examples

Video and audio examples, such as lesson videos or performance examples, can be easily played within the webinar platform. These are uploaded in advance, to preserve high-quality video and audio for the attendee, and for ease of playing within the presentation. Examples will be played in their entirety (no pausing or scrubbing), and multiple examples can be submitted. Live performance and demonstration is not recommended due to limitations on sound quality. The webinar tech will manage video playback.

Please provide downloadable video files in .mp4 format (such as via Google Drive). These will be optimized for web streaming by our staff as needed, and uploaded to our YouTube channel as unlisted links for broadcasting on our webinar platform.


  • Videos must be downloadable file links (such as Google Drive), .mp4 format
  • Maximum size of 200MB per file
  • Maximum duration of 15 minutes per file
  • Video standard HD quality (720p, 1280×720), audio bitrate 128 kbps
  • Click here for additional video specifications

Handout (optional)

Your handout will be a downloadable file for attendees to save. If desired, handouts can contain hyperlinks to websites and other resources. For Word users, be certain to “export” the file as a PDF to preserve clickable links.

The handout file must be a PDF file, named by the presenter’s name (last first) followed by handout (Ex: Young John Handout.pdf). 

Chat Box

A chat box is provided for all presentations, and is a place for attendees to post questions, comments, or to interact with the presenter(s). This chat box is a running, real-time tool for use during the presentation time. Note there are two tabs within the chat box, “Chat” and “Q&A.” Most questions will be funneled into the Q&A tab, but it is ideal to check in both places.

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