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International Perspectives on Foundational Piano Pedagogy

with Agustin Muriago (Argentina), Carina Joly (Brazil), Fabio Menchetti (Italy),...

Live in SPANISH Enseñanza del piano en tiempos de COVID-19: la perspectiva desde Hispanoamérica y España Alejandro Cremaschi, Elena Dabul (Argentina), Analía Marigliano (Chile), Ana María Orduz (Colombia), Miriam Vázquez (México), & José Enrique Bagaría Villazán (España)

Live in SPANISH Enseñanza del piano en tiempos de COVID-19: la perspectiva desde Hispanoamérica y España 

Alejandro Cremaschi, Elena Dabul (Argentina), Analía Marigliano (Chile), Ana ...


Rebroadcast in SPANISH: Teaching Elementary Students Online

with Leah Claiborne, Sara Ernst, Rebecca Pennington, Anna Beth Rucker, Angela Tr...

Rapid Response Webinar

Rebroadcast in PORTUGUESE: Rapid Response for Studio Teachers – Moving Your Teaching Online

with Shana Kirk (translated by Ricardo Pozenatto) (05/07/2020)

Rebroadcast: Striving for Excellence in Online Pedagogy

Rebroadcast in KOREAN: Striving for Excellence in Online Pedagogy

with Diana Dumlavwalla (translated by April Kim)

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