The Power of a Piano Teacher

“Teaching is probably the noblest profession in the world — the most unselfish, difficult, and honorable profession.”

~ Leonard Bernstein

The Power of a Piano Teacher

We at the Frances Clark Center believe passionately that piano teachers change the world through their dedication to their students and communities. With the launch of our Power of a Piano Teacher campaign, we will be sharing personal tributes that celebrate the extraordinary contributions of piano teachers from communities large and small, villages to sprawling urban centers, and from countries across the world. We want to raise the appreciation, understanding, and recognition of these dedicated community leaders who change lives through music. These inspirational, personal stories will amplify the impact that piano teachers have on their communities in countless ways for generations.

The Frances Clark Center


We look forward to sharing your inspirational stories and celebrating our piano heroes who are working every day to make the world more kind, inclusive, and connected through the transformational power of music.

We welcome you to celebrate your teacher and share your tribute with us by donating via the button below. Together, we will further amplify the meaningful work of our noble profession.

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Congratulations to the Following Honorees

Updated March 6, 2024

Gonzalo Aguilar

Geri Aposhian

Valarie Beer

Lezlee Bishop

Marvin Blickenstaff

Becky Brouwer

Lenora Brown

Fiona Christano

Brian Chung

Frances Clark

Annette Conklin

Laurisa Cope

Susan Duehlmeier

Carolee Erikkson

Vladimir Feltsman

Paula Flynn

Allison Fog

Barbara Gill

Sylvia Giura

Amy Glennon

Peter Groch

Jill Gubler

Esther Hayter

Elmer Heerema

William Heiles

Tiffany Horrocks

Deborah How

Jennifer Jackson

Hana Janatova

Beth Klingenstein

Nan Knoles

Kairy Koshoeva

Karen Larvick

Penny Lazarus

Crystal Lee

Rosalie Levant

Teresa Lim

Qin Ling

Charl Louw

Paula Manwaring

Leanna Minnick

Diane Moon

Christie Mullen

Connie Nay

Margie Nelson

Janet Olsen

Rosemary Olsen

Nancianne Parrella

Rebecca Pennington

Sandra Preysz

Say Eow Quah

Raja Rahman

Dzidra Reimanis

Coila Robinson

Margaret Roby

Eugenie Rocherolle

Cindy Rogers

Emily Rudquist

Elaine Rusk

Cheryl Rytting

Paul Sain

Craig Sale

Jennifer Snow

Carolyn Stanton

Karen Thickstun

Betty Todd Smith

Nancy Toone

Angela Triandafillou

Madelyn Trible

Ed Turley

Kassandra Welek

William Westney

Gregory Worthley

Patricia Will

Alyssa Young

Donald Zent

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