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Step 2: Promotional Opportunities – Optional

Our social media and blog promotions are opportunities to partner with us to promote your upcoming contribution. All opportunities are optional and subject to scheduling availability. We invite you to choose the option(s) that best suit your preference and schedule. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Megan Rich at [email protected].

*Submitted materials are not guaranteed for publication. All contributions will be reviewed by an editorial team and, if selected for publication, will be edited to fit style and format.

“5 Things” Lists

Description: A “list” series highlighting interesting facts and ideas about composers, pianists, repertoire, history, teaching, and performing practice. May be featured across multiple platforms for greatest exposure—TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, our Discovery page, etc. Topic must relate to an aspect of your contribution. Topics can spotlight composers, pianists, repertoire, history, teaching, performing practice, studio ideas, etc.

Examples of prompts:

  • 5 things you might not know about…
  • 5 ideas for…
  • 5 reasons you should…
  • How to [insert topic] in 5 easy steps…

Items to Submit – TEXT AND PHOTOS:

  • Topic title
  • List of 4-6 interesting facts/ideas. If it is a “how to” list, the number of steps is flexible. Include sources/footnotes where applicable. There are two submission options: social media post only (shorter text), or social media post with additional longer text for feature on our Discovery page (~500 words), pending approval. Please read these guidelines carefully.
  • At least one accompanying photo per fact/idea.

Examples of previous topics and posts:

Learn Something in 60 Seconds or Less

Description: A fast-paced, fun video series showcasing an educational tip or hack in 60 seconds or less. Topics should generally be related to piano, but the possibilities are flexible and endless. Desired tone is fun, personal, and upbeat. Featured on Instagram and TikTok. Topic must relate to an aspect of your contribution.

Items to Submit – VIDEO: 55-second or less video of you teaching something interesting, fun, humorous, or useful.

Videos must use the following script: Intro: Hi, I’m [name] and today I’m going to show you how to [topic] in 60 seconds or less! Outro: Be sure to check out [information about your contribution] and follow @pianoinspires for more tips.

Examples of previous topics and posts:

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