Summer Intensive Seminar: Intermediate Teaching and Learning with Pamela Pike (Individual Registration)

Thu Jul 28th 12:00pm

Intermediate Teaching and Learning
July 28-29, 2022

Pamela Pike, Seminar Lead
Guest Presenters: Rebecca Bellelo, Marvin Blickenstaff, Jackie Edwards-Henry, Sara Ernst, Ivan Hurd, Jane Magrath, Craig Sale, and Leila Viss

Because intermediate studies span several levels and correspond with the teenage years among traditional-age students, it can be a challenge and an opportunity for musical development and engagement that will last a lifetime. This seminar explores the best practices in teaching and learning during the intermediate years by delving into key areas of a well-rounded piano curriculum. Throughout the day, expert presenters will share ideas and tips for teaching technique, musicianship, sight reading, harmonization, theory and creativity at the piano, and different genres of music. Each day will feature an expert intermediate teaching demonstration, followed by a moderated discussion. There will be daily sessions on underplayed and underrepresented intermediate repertoire that students of all ages will find captivating and gratifying. Seminar participants will come away with ideas to create meaningful musical engagement by facilitating successful experiences at the piano, increasing students’ autonomy and motivation for practice outside of the studio, and empowering musical performance during the intermediate levels.

SEMINAR COST: $325 per seminar or $225 for students
With DISCOUNT: $299 for current subscribers and course enrollees

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