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Technique through Repertoire

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Technique through Repertoire is a fifteen-module companion course for the publications Technique through Repertoire, Books 1 and 2 by Christopher Madden and Jani Parsons (Piano Education Press). The course is designed for teachers with experience in teaching technique to intermediate students, or teachers who are just beginning or contemplating beginning their technical work with these students. The course introduces practical explanations for the teaching of technical skills through repertoire excerpts as well as strategies for successful use of the printed materials. 

The course includes fifteen modules exploring the following subjects:

  1. Introduction
  2. Alberti bass
  3. Alternating Hands
  4. Articulation
  5. Block Chords/Inversions
  6. Broken Chords/Inversions
  7. Chromatic Scales
  8. Finger Independence
  9. Grace Notes/Ornaments
  10. Double Notes
  11. Left-Hand Melodies
  12. Pedaling
  13. Repeated Notes
  14. Scales
  15. Waltz Bass

Each session includes:

  • a presentation video from Book 1 (with the exception of Module 10)
  • a presentation video from Book 2 
  • a demonstration video of the teaching of one of the excerpts in the module
  • an article presenting an overview of all excerpts in each topic along with teaching tips

This is a fully online, self-guided course comprised of video and written materials created and curated for the course, which references books published by the Frances Clark Center. 

Course Leaders: Dr. Christopher Madden and Dr. Jani Parsons

Senior Editor: Craig Sale

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