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A Quick Look at Technology: What Pianists Should Know

Discovery homeSign up for email updatessubmit a question Special thanks to the Stella Sick, chair of the NCKP 2023: The Piano Conference Technology committee, for this post. Why is technology important for pianists today? The last three years have expanded everyone’s base-level of technology usage....


NCKP 2023: Committee Programming Previews

NCKP: The Piano Conference will be in-person at the Westin Chicago Lombard from Wednesday to Saturday, July 26–29, 2023, and online on Friday to Sunday, June 9–11, 2023. The conference has a compelling array of topics covering all aspects of piano teaching, learning, and performing....


Practical tips for video recording your teaching

July 2015; Vol. 7, No. 4

What app(s) do you use for recording video on your smartphone or tablet? Stella: On my Android phone and tablet, I usually use the app that comes with the operating system. The various makers of Android devices (Samsung, Motorola, etc.) each provide a video recording...


How Do You Use Technology to Facilitate Long Distance Instruction?

July 2009; Vol. 1, No. 4

How close to your student do you sit during a piano lesson? How close do you sit to your computer screen when using your computer? Imagine that you typically sit about two feet from your computer screen. Further imagine that when you sit at your computer you...

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