Website Advertising

Website Advertisements are reserved on a monthly basis and are subject to availability. Artwork is due two weeks prior to the advertisement going live on the website.

Rates & Specs


Custom Leaderboard: 1140x150px

HomepageLogin PageWebinars, Events,
or Magazine Homepage
Issue Homepages
1 month$800$700$600$500
2 months$1,408$1,260$1,080$900
3 months$2,040$1,848$1,584$1,320
4 months$2,656$2,380$2,040$1,700
5 months$3,320$2,905$2,490$2,075
6 months$3,840$3,360$2,880$2,400

Tall Column: 285x663px

Article DetailsSearch Results
1 month$400$650
2 months$720$1,170
3 months$1,056$1,716
4 months$1,360$2,210
5 months$1,660$2,698
6 months$1,920$3,120

Small Column: 285x150px

Article DetailsSearch Results
1 month$300$450
2 months$540$810
3 months$792$1,188
4 months$1,020$1,530
5 months$1,245$1,868
6 months$1,440$2,160


Package A – $2,052

  • Two months of Custom Leaderboard on Homepage (reg. $1260)
  • Two months of Custom Leaderboard on newest Piano Magazine issue (reg. $720)
  • One month of Small Column on Search Results (reg. $300)

Package B – $1,260

  • One month of Custom Leaderboard on Homepage (reg. $700)
  • One month of Small Column on Article Details (reg. $200)
  • One month of Tall Column on Search Results (reg. $500)


Magazine Advertisers

  • 30% off website advertisement reservations

Educational Institutions

  • 10% off website advertisement reservations

*discounts not applicable to packages

Contact Sarah Leonard at advertising@pianoinspires.com for discounted rates.

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