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Introducing Piano Inspires Kids!

A Magazine for Pianists Ages 8 to 14 that contains engaging content for piano students, offers a space for student-created ideas and submissions, and provides the teacher with activities and curricular materials for use in teaching. Visit the website!

Piano Magazine Autumn 2023 issue masthead
Piano Magazine • Autumn 2023 • Volume 15 • No 3

The Autumn 2023 Piano Magazine issue is now available!

Celebrating the legacy of James Lyke – and more

NEW! Piano Inspires Discovery

A space dedicated to inspiring the love of piano and music making through educational and inspirational content.

Upcoming Webinars:

Webinar Thumbnail 2023-11-29

#100daysofpractice: Selection and adaptation of self-regulated learning strategies in an online music performance challenge

with Camilla dos Santos Silva, Helena Marinho, and Alejandro Cremaschi, host (11/29/2023)

Wed Nov 29th 11:00am
International Initiatives Webinar Thumbnail

Composers and Music of Asian Heritage

with Yoshiko Arahata, Kairy Koshoeva, and Gulimina Mahamuti (01/10/2024)

Wed Jan 10th 11:00am

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