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The New School for Music Study

The New School for Music Study
The New School for Music Study (NSMS) is nationally known for providing musical instruction at the keyboard, rigorous training for teachers, and for conducting research into effective teaching.  It was founded in 1960 by Frances Clark and Louise Goss, and is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization as a division of the Center.  The school serves as the teaching laboratory for the Center and a model training institution for university and preparatory departments across the country.

NSMS maintains an annual enrollment of 250 children and adults, at all ages and levels.  The programs offered include: classes for kindergartners, an elementary program for young beginners, an intermediate and advanced program, lessons for adults at all levels, and the Program for Excellence in Piano Study (an accelerated program of study).  All programs of study include individual lessons and group classes with the school’s esteemed faculty.  

The New School for Music Study welcomes piano teachers and students from around the country to observe its lessons and classes (for more information, contact the Educational Director, Amy Glennon).  The faculty present a summer seminar for piano teachers and has a new online forum PianoPedagogy.org for publishing its research and teaching tools.

Opportunities for piano teachers and pedagogy students:

Each academic year, a recent graduate is welcomed onto the NSMS faculty in a Post-Graduate Fellowship.  The fellowship is designed to strengthen the teaching skills of pianists who have recently earned a Master’s degree; the position includes teaching piano lessons, observing and assisting group classes, and working closely with a teaching mentor to learn the effective teaching practices of The New School. For information, contact the Administrative Director, Rebecca Pennington.

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