Promotional Opportunities

Our social media and blog promotions are opportunities for us to partner together to promote your upcoming event. All opportunities are optional and subject to scheduling availability. We invite you to choose the option(s) that best suit your preference and schedule. Read on for descriptions and examples of previous posts, and submit your information and materials using the form linked at the top or bottom of this page.

TEXT options only require submission of copy. VIDEO options require the submission of a prerecorded video.

TEXT: 5 Things You Might Not Know

Description: A series highlighting interesting facts about composers, pianists, repertoire, history, teaching, and performing practice. Repurposed across multiple platforms for greatest exposure– TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, blog, etc.

Resources needed:

  • Topic title
  • List of 4-6 interesting facts. Include sources if available/needed.
  • Optional: accompanying photos.

Timeline: Resources needed 2-3 weeks in advance of your event.

Topic examples: Florence Price, Chopin etudes, the history of recitals performed by memory, teaching students with special needs.

Examples of previous posts:

More details provided during scheduling.

TEXT: Let’s Talk About (LTA)

Description: An Instagram story series using polls to spur community discussion around differing perspectives on topics.

Resources Needed:

  • Topic for the LTA segment
  • 4-6 agree/disagree questions
  • 1-2 multiple choice questions
  • 1 open ended question

Timeline: Provide resources at least 2 weeks in advance of your event.

Topic examples: Rote teaching, diversifying repertoire, teacher-student relationships

Examples of previous posts:

  • Examples coming soon!

More details provided during scheduling.

TEXT AND VIDEO: Special Guest Q&A

Description: An opportunity to receive and answer questions from our community on the topic of your choice (related to your upcoming event or an area of your expertise), featured on Instagram and our blog.

Resources Needed:

  • Provide answers within 48 hours of receiving the community question list (scheduling collaborative to fit into your workflow). Answers can be written (4-5 sentences or less) OR recorded (>30 second videos).
  • Three videos in portrait mode: 1) inviting questions from our community 2) intro video to be posted with your answers 3) outro video of you thanking the community for their questions. Example scripts available.

Timeline: Collaboratively schedule Q&A, provide videos 1 week in advance, provide question answers within 48hrs of agreed upon date

Topic examples: Technique for beginners, learning Scarlatti works, things you’ve always wanted to ask a college professor
Examples of previous posts coming soon!

Examples of previous posts:

  • Examples coming soon!

More details provided during scheduling.

VIDEO: Teach Me Something in 60 Seconds or Less

Description: A fast-paced, fun video series showcasing an educational tip or hack in 60 seconds or less. Topics should generally be related to piano, but the possibilities are flexible and endless. Desired tone is fun, personal, and upbeat. Featured on Instagram and TikTok.

Resources Needed: 60-second video of you teaching something interesting, fun, humorous, or useful.

Timeline: Provide video at least 2 weeks in advance of your event.

Topic examples: How to teach beginners about the inside of a piano, how to prepare students for stage etiquette during recital season, how to use your favorite feature on your score marking app, things to look out for when signing a performance contract

Examples of previous posts: This is a new series!

More details provided during scheduling.

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