Celebrating 25 years
In-Person Conference July 26-29 | Online Event June 9-11

NCKP 2023: The Piano Conference

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NCKP 2023: Technology Information for Presenters

Conference Technology

  • NCKP 2023 is hosted on a conference app Whova
  • Presentations will be hosted on Zoom

Presentation Formats

  • Live presentations are hosted in Zoom Webinar
  • Interactive sessions and discussions are hosted in Zoom Meetings
  • Pre-recorded sessions have live introductions and Q&A, hosted on Zoom Webinar
    • The pre-recorded video will be played by the NCKP tech
    • Presentations in Spanish and Portuguese will not have live elements

Tech Staff

  • All presentations have an assigned tech
  • The role of the tech staff is to:
    • Help you and facilitate your presentation
    • Monitor the chat
    • Address attendee issues


  • All presentations have an assigned presider
  • The role of the presider is to:
    • Introduce the presenter(s)
    • Monitor the chat in the Whova app
    • Facilitate Q&A
    • Ensure the presentation ends on time

Zoom Links and Features

  • Links will be emailed prior to the presentation; if necessary due to a missing link, presenters may join the link directly from Whova schedule
  • Presentations are scheduled in shared blocks; you may be in the same Zoom link with other presenters 
  • All presentations will be recorded for the archive, available until September 10, 2023
  • Screen sharing (with computer sound) is available for all presenters

Presentation Setup & Guidelines

Microphone and Camera use

  • Be certain to mute your microphone when not actively participating
  • Turning on/off your camera will add/remove your video feed from the broadcast
  • The tech can assist in turning on/off microphones and cameras when and if needed


  • The public presentation chat is located in the Whova app
  • The presider and tech will monitor the Whova chat for questions and technical issues
  • The Zoom chat may be used for private presenter-tech communication

Slide Setup

  • Tip: In your slides program, view your slides in a window (rather than full screen); then in Zoom, share the Window not the entire Desktop
    • In PowerPoint, this feature is under Set Up Slide Show with the option “Browsed by an individual (window)”
  • This will allow you to still see the Zoom application at the same time
  • You can view detailed instructions on how to do this from Zoom Support on this webpage under “Single monitor setup with slide show view in window.”

Screen Share and Sound

  • If you will share media or a slideshow with embedded media, you are encouraged to screen share a local file (not one from the internet); you will need to select “share sound” before sharing the screen
  • If you plan to play live music at a piano, be certain to “enable original sound”
    • This feature must be enabled in Audio Settings, under Audio Profile, select “Original Sound for Musicians”

Presentation Flow 

Green Room Time

  • Ensure mics / cameras are working
  • Test screen sharing (with sound for media) and enable original sound (for live music)

Starting the Presentation

  • Two minutes prior to the start time, the tech will start the live broadcast
  • The tech will send you a 30 sec warning to start
  • An NCKP video will play; once it ends, this is your cue to turn on your camera and mic, and begin

Ending the Presentation

  • The presider has been asked to keep the presentation on time and to facilitate Q&A
  • If the presentation is not closing up before the end time, the presider will offer a reminder

Emergency Contacts

  • If you do not arrive within 5 mins of the green room start time, the tech will reach out to you via email and phone
  • If you are having difficulties, reach out to your tech as soon as possible
  • For urgent and emergency issues, reach out to Michaela Boros, Associate Director of NCKP
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