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In-Person Conference July 26-29 | Online Event June 9-11

NCKP 2023: The Piano Conference

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NCKP 2023: The Piano Conference

Proceedings Overview

The proceedings of NCKP 2023 will be published in early 2024 and will document the presentations given at the online event and in-person conference. The Proceedings is created to provide a significant addition to the body of research and pedagogical practices within the fields of piano teaching, learning, and performing.


All presentation formats will be included in the proceedings. Presenters are requested to provide a summary report of their presentation, in advance of the conference, to guarantee accuracy and authenticity of the Proceedings. Please note the following:

  • Presenters are asked to follow the word count and guidelines provided for overall consistency.
  • For multi-presenter presentations and panels, the report can be written by one presenter, or by the collective. 
  • For committee-led presentations, the chair assumes responsibility for the report, although the chair may choose to divide items among members. 
  • Writing credit will be appropriately indicated in each summary.

Timeline and Submission

Presentation summaries are due in the week prior, at the dates below:

  • Final deadline for all submissions: August 31, 2023

Submission will occur at this online form, which includes the following information:

  • Author name(s)
  • Contact email address
  • Title of presentation, as it appeared in the printed program
  • Format of presentation 
  • Presentation summary text, attached as a document (Doc, Docx, Odt, or Rtf). Please name the file with the primary author’s last name and presentation title.
  • Author agreement

Writing Guidelines

Authors are asked to use an essay/paragraph format, and to include all main points and significant conclusions. Past tense is appropriate, as is the use of third person. Content may include the following:

  • Figures, images and/or tables
  • Lists
  • References and/or endnotes

Please do not submit handouts as they will not be included in the Proceedings. The author must hold the publishing rights for any examples included.


Lecture recitals, interactive workshops, research presentations, keyboard labs, and general presentations fall within the first two categories. Tables are not included in the word count.

Presentation, 25-minutes900-1,100 words
Presentation, 50-minutes1,400-1,600 words
Panel and Roundtable1,800-2,000 words
Lightning Talk400-500 words
Poster Abstract300-500 words


If desired, review the following examples:

Format Guidelines 

It is recommended to use the prepared Word Template using the style conventions below. Please submit one of the following file types: Doc, Docx, Rtf, Odt. The requested font is Times New Roman, 12-point, single spaced.


Include the following in the report heading:

[Session Title]
Presented by [name/s]
[Format of Presentation]
[Day, Date, Year]
Submission written by [name/s]

If desired, subheadings can be included in bold text, left justified.

Examples, Tables, and Images

All examples, tables, and images must be numbered and given a title. For tables, the title goes above the table. For figures (musical examples and images), the title goes below. Example:

Table 1. List of pieces for elementary pianists


Hyperlinks will not be included as this will be a printed volume. URL’s may be included where appropriate and necessary for the content of the report.

References or Endnotes

Either a list of references or endnotes can be included, in Chicago style. Endnotes should be typed into the text as a number in brackets at the end of the sentence [1]. Please do not use footnotes and do not use the endnote/footnote function in your word processor.  Example:

[1] This is the format of an endnote. 

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