Collegiate Connections

Fri Apr 26th 11:00am
NCKP23 Group Talking
featuring Collegiate Group Guest Presenters

Collegiate Connections, a professional engagement initiative for students and faculty, supports the innovative work of emerging leaders, scholars, and artists. The program provides opportunities for collegiate groups and classes to submit term and annual projects to be showcased in an online national event. Projects may cover a wide range of topics such as creative teaching projects, lecture and musical presentations, community engagement, social justice, business entrepreneurship projects, and more. The program aims to foster peer connections and collaboration through the exchange of ideas, scholarship, and dialogue from across the country.

The Frances Clark Center is pleased to announce the selected proposals for our Collegiate Connections event on Friday, April 26, 2024 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM Eastern. Congratulations to:

Selected Proposals

Women Composers for Intermediate-Level Students

Georgia State University; Sérgio Gallo, faculty mentor

Diversifying Soundscapes from Beginners’ Teaching Methods

Roosevelt University; Yeeseon Kwon, faculty mentor

Music and Storytelling: Developing Imagination through the Use of AI

University of Cincinnati; Michelle Conda, faculty mentor

Unveiling Mel Bonis’ Musical Tales: A Journey through “Album pour les Tout-Petits, Op. 103”

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Lynn Worcester Jones, faculty mentor

Honorable Mentions

Professor’s Corner: Teaching Masterclasses

University of Cincinnati / University of Michigan; John Ellis, faculty mentor

Making a Music Major: Helping Your Student Successfully Transition to College

University of Colorado Boulder; Jennifer Hayghe, faculty mentor

Thanks to All Submitters and Faculty Mentors

Bowling Green State University, Solungga Liu

Cleveland State University, Angelin Chang

Fresno City College, Brandon Bascom

Georgia State University, Sérgio Gallo

Michigan State University, Derek Polischuk

Mississippi State University, Jenna Klein

Roosevelt University, Yeeseon Kwon

Southern Methodist University, Catharine Lysinger

University of Cincinnati, Michelle Conda

University of Colorado Boulder, Jennifer Hayghe

University of Michigan, John Ellis

University of Missouri, Wendy Sims

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Spencer Baker

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Lynn Worcester Jones

West Virginia University, Peter Amstutz

Western Illinois University, Natalie Landowski

We look forward to highlighting the outstanding work of pedagogy and collegiate groups and to foster global community engagement among our collegiate cohorts and faculty. Register today to attend the event!

* This event will be held live and will not be available for replay. In addition, note that the Call for Proposals has now closed as of April 3, 2024.

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