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The Beginner Course: Establishing Strong Foundations for Young Pianists (Self-Guided)

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The Beginner Course: Establishing Strong Foundations for Young Pianists is a comprehensive online course designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for working with beginning pianists (age 5-8 years old) in the most important year of piano study–the first. Participants will gain an awareness of how elementary concepts and skills lay the foundation for future advancement and success. Applicable to any beginner method, participants experience an overall curriculum that is concept-based with a wide range of approaches focused on student-centered learning.

  • Organized in 5 clearly-defined modules
  • Designed to be completed at your own pace
  • Full course completion time is approximately 36 hours


  • Understanding how children learn
  • Nurturing musical skills and development
  • Exploring creativity through improvisation
  • Building effective collaborations
  • Introducing pieces with purpose and imagination
  • Building successful music reading
  • Creating holisitic experiences with rhythm and movement
  • Inspiring artistry: Developing expressive playing
  • Structuring lesson time and successful goal setting
  • And much more!

Course designer: Sara Ernst. Course contributors: Steven Brundage, Scott Donald, Diana Dumlavwalla, Sara Ernst, Amy Glennon, Janet Hart, Lesley Sisterhen McAllister, Rebecca Mergen Pennington, Scott Price, Angela Triandafillou, Craig Sale (senior editor), Todd van Kekerix.

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