Microcourse: Teaching Adults in Groups (from a Pianist’s Guide to Teaching in Groups)

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Teaching Adults in Groups (from A Pianist’s Guide to Teaching in Groups)

Contributors include: Andrea McAlister, Rebecca Bellelo, and Yeeseon Kwon

Teaching Adults in Groups offers teachers practical pedagogy for the teaching of group lessons with adult students. Topics include the benefits of group teaching, the teaching of diverse levels in adult groups, the teaching of rhythm, and performance.

This is a fully online course comprised of video and written materials from A Pianist’s Guide to Teaching in Groupsa comprehensive course offered by the Frances Clark Center. The full course is available in self-guided and facilitated versions at

This is a self-guided microcourse. Reflection questions serve as a way to reflect on the material as well as your own teaching and performing experiences. You will not respond to these questions on the platform, but you may wish to complete the activities for your own personal use.

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