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A Pianist’s Guide to Teaching in Groups

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A Pianist’s Guide to Teaching in Groups equips piano teachers with the skills necessary for planning, preparing, and implementing group teaching at all levels, from preschoolers through adult learners.

  • Organized in 6 modules, 19 sessions total
  • Self-guided, designed to be completed at your own pace
  • Full course completion time is approximately 18 hours


  • Teaching young beginners in groups
  • Movement and young children
  • Improvisation and aural skills with beginning and elementary students
  • Summer camps for beginning and elementary students
  • Teaching intermediate and advanced students in groups
  • Skills in collegiate group piano
  • Technology in collegiate group piano
  • Teaching diverse levels of adults in groups
  • Adult group performances
  • And more!

Course leader: Dr. Andrea McAlister. Senior editor: Craig Sale.
Course contributors: Dr. Verena Abufaiad, Dr. Rebecca Bellelo, Marvin Blickenstaff, Amy Glennon, Dr. Jackie Edwards-Henry, Lady Abigail Imperio, Dr. Yeeseon Kwon, Dr. Leonidas Lagrimas, Dr. Pamela Pike, Dr. Rebecca Pennington, Dr. Omar Roy, Allison Shinnick, Angela Triandafillou, Dr. Janet Tschida.

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