Our Experiences Writing for Piano Magazine

Discovery homeSign up for email updatessubmit a question Every year, Piano Magazine offers students the opportunity to showcase their research and writing through the Collegiate Writing Contest. We are pleased to present the testimonies of two recent winners of this competition, in hopes that it...


Autumn 2022: Questions & Answers

Q: How can I prepare my elementary students to memorize their music with intention since they’ll need to practice memorizing for intermediate-level literature? A: In my studio, the approach to all pieces, regardless of their level, is always based upon accomplishing the four basic study...


Dealing With Double Notes: Practical Solutions for Small-Handed Pianists

Fourteen years ago, the editors of the Piano Magazine initiated an essay contest for collegiate music students, giving them an opportunity to share their ideas about piano teaching and learning. The contest allows students to begin honing the skill of communicating with fellow musicians through...

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