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A Lifetime Collaboration with Frances Clark

Discovery homeSign up for email updatessubmit a question In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are sharing this excerpted article by Louise Goss about her lifetime collaboration with Frances Clark. On behalf of The Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy, thank you to all teachers...


What Do You Do To Make the Recital a Happy and Successful Experience?

Keyboard Companion Spring 1991; Vol. 2, No. 1

Cathy Albergo, Editor The piano recital. Many of us I remember recitals as once-a-year, tension-filled experiences. How much have piano recitals and/or performance opportunities changed? According to our four guest authors for this issue, recitals, and the teacher’s approach to recitals, have changed quite a...


How has keyboard pedagogy changed over the last 20-30 years? Part two

Keyboard Companion Autumn 2005; Vol. 16, No. 3

Rebecca Johnson, Editor In this issue, we conclude our look at the conception and evolution of keyboard pedagogy. No movement develops such a vital presence without strong and visionary leaders at the forefront. In the Summer 2005 issue, Frances Larimer gave an excellent history of...


July 2011: Questions & Answers

July 2011; Vol. 3, No. 4

Q. I understand that you believe in swinging, clapping, and tapping as methods for developing rhythmic security in young students. Please suggest the ways in which you use each modality in your own teaching. A. All three methods are invaluable ways in which to develop...


May 2009: Questions & Answers

May 2009; Vol. 1, No. 3

Question I have been reading about the phases of learning: Preparation, Presentation, and Generalization. I believe I understand the concept, and am eager to try it in my teaching, but I’m not sure I understand how it works in a practical sense. Could you take one area...


September 2011: Questions & Answers

September 2011; Vol. 3, No. 5

Preparing for Liszt  The Questions & Answers column of Clavier Companion typically deals with issues related to elementary and intermediate level piano instruction. This issue of our magazine is devoted to a celebration of the bicentennial of the birth of Franz Liszt. Most of Liszt’s...


July 2012: Questions and Answers

July 2012; Vol. 4, No. 4

Q. This year I have put all of my private students into repertoire classes. I am surprised and delighted with the students’ response and with the difference the classes seem to be making in the students’ enjoyment and motivation. However, I have not yet succeeded...


January 2012: Questions & Answers

January 2012; Vol. 4, No. 1

Q. I think I had a pretty good college pedagogy class, but I am still unsure about what to include in my student’s lesson assignments. Could you offer some guidance on this subject? A. Planning the student’s lesson assignment is one of the piano teacher’s...

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