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Please complete this Agency Subscription Order Form to purchase an agency subscription by credit card.* Rates, policies, and additional information below.

Rates and Policies

An agency subscription constitutes a third party company or organization purchasing subscriptions on behalf of an individual institution. The Piano Magazine is $36/annual subscription,** with a 20% agency discount applied only to the magazine itself, not to the shipping costs. Thus, the prices for agencies, including the 20% discount + shipping, are as follows:

  • US $40.80
  • Canada $46.80
  • International $52.80

Subscription policies:

  1. Online access is provided via a username/password system. One user is permitted access per institution.
  2. All articles and digital content at are copyrighted material, so downloads of any kind are not permitted.
  3. No printing of articles or content is permitted, since all published content is copyrighted material.

Additional Information

Agency discount: 20%

Frequency: 4 times per year, released March, June, September, December

Volume: ~5000

Address for orders, payments, and correspondence:
Piano Magazine
P.O. Box 651
Kingston, NJ

Principal website and main e-mail address:,

Are the journals available in electronic form?

All required information for electronic access:
Contact for online account setup.

E-mail address for electronic journals queries:

*To request a subscription invoice and pay by check, please complete this Agency Subscription Reservation form.

**Current rates updated February 1, 2022.

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