2024 Summer Intensive Seminars: An International Exploration of Piano Teaching Literature

Mon Jul 8th 10:00am
2024 Summer Intensive Seminars- International Literature
with Leah Claiborne and Luis Sanchez, Seminar Co-Leaders

Join us as we explore international music and cultures—Latin America, Asia, Africa, India, and the Middle East— and their importance in piano teaching in a two-day online seminar. Attendees learn about these cultures and musical traditions, and consider how to integrate new music in their studios with cultural understanding and a student-centered mindset. Presenters expand the teaching literature by providing resources for excellent, international repertoire for elementary and intermediate pianists. Small group discussions and question-and-answer sessions provide participants an opportunity to share, learn, and reflect.  A teaching demonstration will close the seminar to highlight the impact and importance of an international teaching repertoire and cultural awareness in the studio.

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