Webinar Presenter Resources

Thank you for presenting a webinar for the Frances Clark Center. To assist us in preparing for and promoting your webinar, please read the following information and submit the requested forms:

Click here to submit the Teacher Education Webinar: Contributor Agreement (required)

Click here to submit Webinar Information (required)

Click here to submit your Rehearsal Availability (required, also linked below)

Click here to submit Social Media Information (optional)

Click here to submit Webinar Materials (optional, also linked below)

Webinar presentations will be hosted live on a webinar platform. The presentation time (60 minutes) is inclusive of opening remarks and closing questions. A rehearsal will be scheduled with the webinar tech the week prior to the webinar. This is an opportunity for presenters to become familiar with the webinar platform, test out materials, and discuss the flow of the webinar. Submit your rehearsal availability here (required) and the tech will confirm via email. Each individual presenter should complete this form.

Webinar Platform 

The webinar platform provides a variety of tools, all easily accessible during the presentation. Tools to consider:

  • Sharing of media examples (video and audio files)
  • Screen sharing of slides
  • Handout
  • Chat box

Read each section below for a description of how to prepare the items needed for your webinar.

All materials are due one week before the webinar is scheduled to occur, and must be submitted at the following link:

Click here to submit materials

Description of Session Tools and Materials

Media Examples

Video and audio examples, such as lesson videos or performance examples, can be easily played within the webinar platform. These are uploaded in advance, to preserve high-quality video and audio for the attendee, and for ease of playing within the presentation. Examples will be played in their entirety (no pausing or scrubbing), and multiple examples can be submitted. Live performance and demonstration is not recommended due to limitations on sound quality.


  • Videos must be public or unlisted YouTube links
  • Maximum size of 200MB per file
  • Maximum duration of 10 minutes per file
  • Video standard HD quality (720p, 1280×720)

Slides are a great way to organize your presentation and engage the audience. To show slides, two options are available: screen sharing or uploading to the webinar platform. If you choose to share your screen, you may use any program you wish (Powerpoint, Keynote, etc.) to create and run your slides. Uploading slides to the webinar platform provides a slightly more seamless experience for the audience. For this option, slides must be submitted in advance, and in PDF format. 


  • Keep text limited
  • Choose a large font size, as some attendees may be viewing from smaller screens
  • Choose a simple design that does not have too many colors, fonts, or decorations

*All media files (video and audio examples) need to be uploaded to the webinar platform as detailed in the prior section. 


Your handout will be a downloadable file for attendees to save. If desired, handouts can contain hyperlinks to websites and other resources. For Word users, be certain to “export” the file as a PDF to preserve clickable links.

The handout file must be a PDF file, named by the presenter’s name (last first) followed by handout (Ex: Young John Handout.pdf). 

Chat Box

A chat box is provided for all presentations, and is a place for attendees to post questions, comments, or to interact with the presenter(s). This chat box is a running, real-time tool for use during the presentation time.

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